Optimum solutions
In an economy that’s more and more complex, and very dynamic, specializing on certain domains is essential, thereby ensuring a high level of performance for the whole national economy. Cooling technologies – refrigerated showcases, refrigeration units or other refrigeration systems – are a necessary in many economic sectors. Our role is to supply the best solutions for the industry and commerce, but also for research activities in this domain.

Applying new technologies
Through permanent research and study, we ensure the integration of the newest innovations in this domain in the technological processes of our clients, contributing to the continuous growth of their performance.

We offer our clients the safety that they need to perform their work in optimum conditions by supplying reliable systems and ensuring a national level prompt and efficient service, for refrigerated showcases, cold rooms or any other refrigeration system.

Environmental protection
We contribute to protect the environment and to reduce the global warming effect through very efficient systems in terms of energy and by promoting systems with ecological refrigerants and natural refrigerants like carbon dioxide and ammonia.