Freon refrigeration systems

Freon refrigeration systems

Hydrofluorocarbons – HFC, also know under the definition of “Freon” are the most used refrigerants at this moment. MARCO & ALEX has a rich experience in designing and assembling of refrigeration systems with Freon, having at this moment hundreds of refrigeration systems working in different economic sectors.

The refrigeration systems supplied by us have between 1 kW and 450 kW capacities, in the refrigerating and freezing domain.

Among the advantages of these refrigeration systems we mention:

  • well known technology
  • there are a larger number of equipment suppliers and accessories for Freon refrigeration systems
  • relatively low investment cost
  • it doesn’t require any special means of protection while operating
  • easy to run and maintain
  • easier repair in case of failure

Among the disadvantages of the Freon refrigeration systems we mention:

  • the main disadvantage of Freon refrigeration is the negative effect on the environment
  • lower performance coefficient than other refrigerants