Cold rooms

For the success of a business it is very important that the products/sold food to be kept in optimum conditions and temperatures. Regardless of the elements which must be kept cold, it is necessary to have a cold room to ensure that they remain in perfect condition.

The cold room is a room or container, depending on the situation, consisting of insulated panels and doors. By the working temperatures, there are 2 types of cold rooms which we can execute (manufacture) depending on customer requirements: freezing cold rooms and refrigerated cold rooms.

Freezing cold rooms can provide temperatures up to -30 ° C, being useful for companies which have and markets frozen foods or other products requiring very low temperature. The refrigeration cold rooms ensure a temperature of -10 ° C or +5/+6 ° C, depending on the needs. They are useful for keeping food or soft drinks in shops or restaurants or medication, flowers and other products.

Cold Rooms features:

  • They are built of rigid polyurethane foam insulation panels
  • The doors can be, as required, sliding, pivoting or swinging
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Good tightness
  • Low noise
  • Low energy consumption
  • The temperature is controlled by means of innovative equipment, easy to handle